Online Biology Notes Zoology Botany Saudi Arabia

Online Biology Notes Zoology Botany Saudi Arabia

Online Biology Notes Zoology Botany Saudi Arabia, Al Saudia Virtual Academy provides best tutoring services all over the world.

Online Biology Notes Zoology Botany Saudi Arabia

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Botany Notes:

Study of Microscope
Structure of Microscope
Measurement of a Microscopic Object By Micrometry and Calculation
Study of Bacteria
Observation of Gram +ve bacteria
Observation of Gram -ve bacteria
Investigation of Bacterial Content of Fresh and Stale Milk
Study of Onion Epidermis Cells
Study of Nostoc From Fresh Material and Permanent Slide
Algae : Identification of Different Organisms, volvox, chlorella, euglena, ultothrix and Ulva.
Chlorella – Euglena
Ulothrix – Ulva
Ustilago Tritici
Bryophytes: Marchantia – Male Marchantia Plant – Female Marchantia Plant
Internal Structure of Marchantia Thallus
Funaria – Funaria Plant with Sporophyte
Dryopleris (Aspidium)
Sorus of Adiantum
Structure of Sorus of Fern
Gametophyte or Prothallus of Aspedium or Fern
Gymnosperms – Study of Pinus
Female Cone (Ovulate Cone) of Pinus
Physiology – Extraction and Chromatography of Leaf Chloroplast Pigments
Apparatus for Paper Chromatography
Determination of Osmosis in Living Plant Cells of Onion Or Rheodiscolour Leaf or Spirogyra
Determination of Mean Solute Potential of Cell Sap Using Method of Incepient Plasmolysis
Concentration of Sucrose solution
Determination of Mean Solute Potential
Investigation and Measurements of Factors Affecting Rate of Transpiration
Investigation of Effect of Different Concentration of Glucose Solution on Opening and Closing of Stomata.
Investigation of Stomatal Distribution using Epidermal Cells
Description of Plant Families
Biological Terms of Plant Families
Aestivation of Corolla
Terms Used for Androecium
Types of Placentation
1. Rosaceae
2. Solanaceae (Solanum Nigram)
3. Solanaceae ( Petunia Alba)
4. Solanaceae (Datura Alba)
5. Fabaceae ( Papilionaceae) – Lathyrus odoratus
6. Fabaceae ( Papilionaceae) – Clitoria ternatea
7.Fabaceae ( Papilionaceae) – Sesbania sesban
8. Caesalpiniaceae – Cassia fistula
9. Caesalpiniaceae – Caesalpinia pulcherrima
10. Mimosaceae – Prosopis juliflora
11. Mimosaceae – Acacia arabica
12. Mimosaceae – Albizzia lebbek
13. Poacea (Graminae) Avena Sativa
Study of bacteria
Nostoc – Algae
Pteridophytes – Gymnosperms
Chromatography – Plasmolysis – Deplasmolysis
Solute Potential
Transpiration – Opening and Closing Stomata
Families – Botanical Terms

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