Online Statistics Tutors Karachi Pakistan

Online Statistics Tutors Karachi Pakistan

Online Statistics Tutors Karachi Pakistan, Al Saudia provides the best tutoring services all over the world.

Online Statistics Tutors Karachi Pakistan

Students are introduced to the art science of solving Business Research problems and becoming better users of research. Topics include Research methodology techniques; formation of Research problem and research design, Measurement and Measurement scales, Method of data collection, sampling design, types of variables, interpretation of results and finally writing research reports. Various statistical tools will also be covered for data analysis, using SPSS and Microsoft Excel.

Our online course focuses on qualitative, qualitative and mixed methods research methodologies, identification of appropriate statistical tool for analyzing data. Students will acquire sufficient research skills and knowledge to identify and solve problems, draw conclusions, make inferences and create recommendations.

The Academy design the course according to the syllabus and need of Research Methods studying in many colleges and universities. This will cover almost all syllabus for Research Methods course in UK, USA, Australia, Pakistan and other countries around the globe.

I. What is Research? Research Methodology: An introduction

II.Formulation of Research Problems

III.Research Design and APA 6 formatting

IV. Method of Data Collections

V. Survey Research

VI. Measurement and Scaling Techniques

VII. Sampling Design and Submission of Mid

VIII. Types of Variables

IX. Research Report Writing

X. Sampling procedures and Research Types

XI.Quantitative Research Methods

XII. Use of SPSS for Data Analysis

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