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Math Mechanics Tutor Karachi Pakistan

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Math Mechanics Tutor
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Specialized teacher and tutor of Mechanics Prof. Masood Amir offer his services for tutoring of mechanics and B.Sc mathematics, He is well versed and a veteran tutor of Mathematics, with an experienced of teaching Mathematics and Statistics for over 28 years, he teaches all level and all syllabus of mathematics.
In his lectures of B.Sc Mechanics he covers the following topics of B.Sc Maths Mechanics:1.System of Particles
2.Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics
4.Electric law and coulombs Law
5.the electric fields
6.Gauss law
7.Electric potential energy and potential
8.the electrical properties of materials
10.DC circuits
11.The Magnetic field
12.Faraday’s law of induction
13.Magnetic Properties of Materials
15.Alternating Current Circuits
16.Max-wells Equation and Electromagnetic waves